Riga Bible Centre, Latvia

A refuge from a world without hope

This building was adapted from a former casino to a place where the poor and homeless of Riga, Latvia can find a refuge from a life of difficulty and deprivation. A large segment of the Latvian population is a hold-over from the days of the Soviet Union. These poor Russian speaking people have no citizenship and so they struggle day by day to survive, which is especially difficult during the long cold winters. They are able to find a place to sleep in some state owned night shelters  but that is about all the public welfare assistance available for these poor souls. So many turn to the hospitable doors of the Riga Bible Centre for a place to gather, find warmth, food and spiritual guidance. Under the former Soviet system, little or no religious guidance was offered so there is a ready acceptance of the Gospel hope by many of the patrons.

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There is a constant need of support to maintain this valued and Spiritually productive facility. Funds are needed to buy food, provide building maintenance, pay utilities and taxes. People are also needed to help provide the meals  and/or spiritual guidance for about 75 people/day.

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Physical Nourishment


The homeless and poor people of Riga, Latvia find warmth and nourishment at the Riga Bible Centre in Riga, Latvia. These people are without state assistance or hope in this world. 

"...our daily bread..."


A variety of highly nutritious soups are prepared daily and served with bread to help meet their daily physical needs. 

Spiritual Nourishment


Bible lessons are provided each day after an hour of coffee and tea to help the patrons warm up from the cold.

Baptism Hope


Many of the attendees accept Jesus as their saviour and affirm their hope in the waters of baptism.

Sharing the love of Christ


Their baptism is preceded by prayers, a short talk and Bible reading to help encourage them in their new life in Christ.

Walk of Faith


They are given free Bible to encourage them in their walk of faith. 

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Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions for these poor souls.

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Your genoerous support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals of spreading the Gospel hope.

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